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Winners of 2009 FGD Competition

Cal State Univ Los Angeles Dept of ECST

The Search and Rescue Robot Challenge and Conference is a chance to bring students from around the world together to compete in creating an autonomous robot to help first responders (Fire, Emergency, Police) find survivors of disasters natural or otherwise. Our belief is it will be this generation of students who will take artificial intelligence and robotics into the world of emergency services. Finding new ways to help first responders react more quickly to disasters. To in a sense create the robotic search and rescue dog who will bravely travel with and support our human heroes.

Why Do This?

We believe that students have the power to change the world.

This is an international competition allowing students from around the globe to meet, compete and learn free instagram followers from each other. The focus is to create the best solution to a problem. Competing allows the students try their ideas. To see how others attack the same problem. To have the chance to taste what it is like to compete as part of a global community.

Why Do This with MS and HS Students?

Someday someone will create a robot that will help our first responders save lives. An autonomous asset that can be used as a force multiplier in a disaster either natural or man made. We believe the students have the power to create designs that will lead the way to autonomous robots who will help save lives. Students have creativity, passion, and a will to succeed – these are a foundation for innovation.
Photos Courtesy of NIST
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